Metaverse hype cycles explored at Future Blockchain Summit 2022

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The MENA region’s first and largest blockchain conference and exhibition, the Future Blockchain Summit, has explored the current state of the metaverse and what its future holds.

The Future Blockchain Summit is hosting its 5th edition at the Dubai World Trade Centre (DWTC) from October 10th-13th October 2022. The summit unites diverse and disruptive innovators who will address all things blockchain – including regulations, cryptocurrencies and metaverse. 

Thought leaders at the Future Blockchain Summit discussed how the metaverse of the future is shaping up in the modern world. An incubator and “lifetime advisor” for global Blockchain projects, TDeFi has incubated, advised & invested over 50 of the world’s most innovative Blockchain initiatives. TDeFi specialises in providing incubation and access to world-class mentors, liquidity, and growth hacking partnerships.

Gaurav Dubey, CEO, TDeFi, said, “While the metaverse is one of the most exciting things to emerge from the blockchain space in recent years, many players in the space are shutting down for various reasons. Currently, we are in a phase where the first metaverse bubble has burst – and this was expected. Many of them were overvalued, hyped, or backed by investors who did not understand this space, which it resulted in crippling losses for them. Like with all cycles, we are at the beginning of the next phase. The new wave will be ridden by visionaries who incorporate the audience and utilities of the future. The audience is always communicating about what they need. Those who choose to understand and listen to them will create the new paradigm of the metaverse.”

The Future Blockchain Summit also hosted panel discussions on the role of metaverse in entertainment, fashion and gaming. 

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