UAE-based FinaMaze unveils new Smartfolio to protect investors from US rate hikes

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Against the backdrop of the recent rising inflation and interest rate hikes as confirmed by the US Federal Reserve, ADGM-based innovative digital wealth manager, FinaMaze, has introduced its latest product, US Rates Protect Smartfolio, available for all investors.

To fight decades-high inflation, it is estimated that global Central Banks will require a continued aggressive interest rate hike policy.

Large real estate institutional funds typically enter into hedges that can compensate for the impact of the interest rate rise. However, individual buyers with a variable mortgage rate are unprotected: as the rates keep on increasing, their mortgage payments would also increase. Worse, this happens at a time many other assets in their financial portfolios are also decreasing in value.

The US Rates Protect Smartfolio is accessible by individual investors who may already own a property and are paying a monthly mortgage: in case the interest rates keep on increasing, this Smartfolio will generate a positive performance. Conversely, if rates fall back, its performance would turn negative, while variable rate mortgages payments may not necessarily fall.

FinaMaze App allows clients to track the performance of their US Rates Protect Smartfolio in real time. They may also exit for zero fees, at any time and in two clicks from the App, as it is the case for all FinaMaze Smartfolios.

CEO and Founder of FinaMaze, Mehdi Fichtali speaking briefly on how investors can see value in the latest product: “The FinaMaze’s US Rates Protect Smartfolio delivers a positive performance when long term interest rates go up and impact variable mortgage payments.

FinaMaze is now well known in the market for its use of revolutionary technology to create innovative investment products for their clients. In 2022 alone, the digital wealth manager timely launched a number of AI-powered products such as the “Contrarian Bitcoin”, “Flight-to-Safety” and “Black Swan” all with the AI Autopilot personalized rebalancing, offering relevant investment solutions to its clients.

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