Covalent Integrates with Cronos Blockchain to Ease Data Access for Developers, Data Analysts, and Investors

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Covalent, a Coinbase Ventures and Binance Labs backed data provider that brings visibility to billions of Web3 data points via its Unified API, announced its integration with the Cronos blockchain, the EVM chain supported by The partnership will simplify workflows for developers, data analysts, and more.

The new partnership between Covalent and Cronos plays a pivotal role in easing the Web3 data experience, enabling projects and developers to seamlessly access the information needed to power decentralized applications.

Simplified Workstreams

“Our Unified API product is a code-free solution for developers,” said Ganesh Swami, CEO and co-founder at Covalent. “Indexing and organizing blockchain data manually is a process that can take anywhere from a few hours to thousands of hours. Our Unified API queries this information, providing an additional layer of simplicity in a time where project innovation is more critical than ever.”

“For the successful adoption of Web3 by the mainstream, there is a need for a simplified solution to support developers, investors and entrepreneurs,” said Ken Timsit, Managing Director of Cronos Chain and Cronos Labs. “We recognise that continued growth within Web3 is increasingly reliant on an innovator-led market. Founders of projects across the board are placing greater emphasis on user experience, functionality, and utility, as well as partnerships that can significantly improve data accessibility. Covalent’s Unified API helps Cronos meet this growing demand with a unified solution that increases efficiency and time to market while reducing bottlenecks and workflows, which will help developers focus on scaling the latest innovations in Web3 through the access of richer data points.”

Access to a Plethora of Data Points

Querying on-chain information from Cronos mainnet and Cronos testnet will follow an intuitive and user-optimized process: Users will only need to specify the relevant chain ID when calling the APIs that Covalent users are already familiar with.

The Covalent Unified API grants access to popular data points for Cronos Chain, including:
●  Token balances for an address;
●  Historical portfolio value of an address over time;
●  ERC20 token transfers of an address;
●  All NFT token IDs of a collection;
●  Decentralized exchange liquidity pools of an address; and
●  Decentralized exchange transactions of an address.

The integration follows the successful passing of the proposal to index Cronos by the Covalent governance community on March 3, 2021. Looking ahead, Covalent and Cronos will continue collaborating to draw interest in the innovative possibilities and use cases that can be unlocked by Covalent’s Unified API.

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