Reuters Events: Investment USA 2022

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Catalysed by the pandemic, the investment landscape is facing rapid upheaval. Zero-bound rates, rising inflation and further anticipated consolidation compound the changes in the geopolitical landscape and market shifts which investors and asset managers are battling.

From shifting social demographics to navigating net-zero commitments, Chief Investment Officers are today facing an onslaught of upheaval, and it has never been more crucial to find innovative, adaptable and resilient approaches to your allocation strategies and business models.

Reuters Events: Investment USA (25-26 May, New York) unites leaders from the world’s most influential asset managers, institutional investors, regulators and innovators, to share best practice in navigating these new complexities, benchmark industry progress, and understand future scenarios that are most likely to disrupt investment models, businesses, and platforms over the year ahead and beyond.

The industry’s leading CIOs will share their insights and predictions on the current super trends realigning global power-blocs – from climate to crypto – and the implications, opportunities, and threats that they pose to the investment universe.

Key themes for 2022 include:

  • Economic & Regulatory Outlook – Navigating increasingly complex social and economic shifts and how they will impact the markets
  • Asset Allocation and Portfolio Construction – strategies to generate returns in a low-yield, high volatility environment
  • Operational Optimisation – implementing resilient and adaptable operating models to mitigate systemic risk
  • The Rise of Alts – increasing exposure to private markets and alternative asset classes for traditional portfolios
  • Next Gen Workforce – developing and retaining the talent pool you need in an increasingly complex distribution landscape

Visit the website and download the brochure here:

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