Fintech Week London 11th – 15th July 2022

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We’re excited to announce that Fintech Week London is back for 2022 with another jam-packed schedule, in an opportunity which will bring traditional financial institutions together with new fintechs. From high-street banks to challengers, technology giants to disruptors, this five-day event is your opportunity to understand the global themes of fintech, as a physical-first in-person event with some virtual experience.

Based in the global fintech hub, the event will be a unique opportunity to engage with some of London’s key influencers, decision makers and innovators. This city-to-city event spans some of the most current themes in fintech and answers those burning questions in a fast-paced and dynamic way – from keynote presentations and interactive panel debates, to workshops, roundtables and of course plenty of networking opportunities.

For everyone within the fintech industry from senior executives to startups – wherever you are on the globe, come join us in person or if you prefer, we have some opportunities for you to join online.

Click here to register your attendance and take advantage of our early-bird discounts now!

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