Exclusive: Decoding UK Crypto Policy Approach – Jackson Mueller, Securrency

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Governments are getting crypto-curious, and with great curiosity comes extreme scrutiny and demand for abolishing anonymity when it comes to crypto transactions. Amid the EU’s bulldozering the crypto industry and the SEC posting new guidelines with recommendations for crypto exchanges, we have now a headliner – UK Government – declaring that they want to become a global crypto hub!

The UK Government statement highlights their appetite for crypto and digital assets, aiming to put the UK at the global center stage as a crypto tech hub. Many countries are aiming at the same spot (El Salvador, UAE) but let’s decode the approach UK will take and the positioning in the trifecta context – UK-EU-USA with Jackson Mueller, Director of Policy and Government Relations at Securrency.

Securrency is a blockchain-based financial markets infrastructure company focused on building a financial ecosystem to optimize financial logistics to enhance capital formation and stimulate global liquidity. Securrency is driving change at the core of financial services via a fully-interoperable distributed identity and compliance framework with state-of-the-art infrastructure designed to bridge legacy financial platforms to next-generation blockchain networks. One of the most advanced regulatory technology providers in the industry, Securrency has developed integrated, scalable, and universal compliance tools that automate the enforcement of the multi-jurisdictional regulatory policy.

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