Finsight Spotlight: ChangeMakers: Brad Yasar – EQIFI

1 min read

Is 2022 the year of the Defiance of DeFi? 

Earlier in December, Finsight.news had a thought-provoking conversation with EQIFI’s Brad Yasar. 

Tune in for an exclusive interview that talks about EQIFI’s brand, DeFi adoption, the Crypto and Blockchain Congress hearing of December 2021 and so much more!

Brad Yasar is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor with a global focus on blockchain and innovative technologies. He has conceived and bootstrapped several companies to maturity over the past 30 years. Brad is currently the CEO of EQIFI, the premiere decentralized global banking platform. He is also the Founder of Beyond Enterprises, offering strategic and technical leadership, advisory, and support to projects in all blockchain implementation and development stages.

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