IDX Digital Assets Launches First Risk-Managed Bitcoin & Ethereum Trusts

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The IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Trust and the IDX Risk-Managed Ethereum Trust are the first-ever investment trusts designed to provide a risk-managed exposure to crypto assets with the ability to go 100% to cash.

“The excitement around the rapid development of blockchain technologies, mixed with the realization of accommodative monetary stimulus policies, increasing geopolitical tensions, and materializing concerns over inflation growth, all have investors seeking exposure to asset classes such as digital assets. Specifically, investors and advisors are expressing a strong appetite for digital assets exposure, but desire a risk-managed approach that focuses on mitigating the inherent volatility and drawdowns common to the emerging asset class; this is what IDX seeks to provide,” says Andrew Swan, co-founder and CEO of IDX.

IDX also launched the first-ever Risk-Managed Crypto Indices priced by S&P Dow Jones in June 2021. These indices are the IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Index and the IDX Risk-Managed Ethereum Index, respectively. IDX is also scheduled to launch the first-ever risk-weighted DeFi index with S&P in August 2021.

Ben McMillan, co-founder and CIO of IDX said, “We’ve had a great relationship with S&P Dow Jones Indices over the years and are thrilled to be their first client to use them to calculate our risk-managed crypto indices.  Particularly as this asset class gains further adoption, we continue to see increased demand for risk-managed solutions to this space. S&P Dow Jones’ ability to provide real-time calculation of our indices provides a huge leap forward in our ability to deliver products in this space.”

The suite of IDX Risk-Managed Digital Asset Trusts can be found here at their website:

The IDX Risk-Managed Bitcoin Index can be found at

The IDX Risk-Managed Ethereum Index can be found at

The IDX Risk-Managed Largecap Crytpo Index can be found at

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