Finsight Spotlight: Female-Founded Savii on the journey to build a Neobank for Gen-Z

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In this edition of Finsight Spotlight: ChangeMakers, Economic Development Advisor, Richie Santos Diaz hosts Savii Founders Jane Harvey and Nichola Collinson– in an exclusive interview for Finsight.news about building a Neobank for teenagers in the Middle East.

Savii is the first Neobank that speaks to Gen Z and their lifestyle – a mobile-first generation of savvy, entrepreneurial individuals who have never lived in a world without apps or immediate access to the internet. 
Today, the majority of financial interactions between parents and teens in this region occur via cash where allowances and other financial gifts go untracked. Savii offers teens a digital banking app and Visa debit card which can be used for all online and in-store purchases. They can send and request money from their friends in real-time, access discounts and rewards from their favorite brands, and stash away money towards their longer-term savings goals. Savii wants to be a teens’ first ‘bank’ account and spending card, empowering youth in the GCC to take control, learn how to manage their money responsibly, and become financially independent at a younger age. 

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