Finsight Research: Top 20 Fintech Companies in Europe

Studies have shown that Europe’s Fintech ecosystem has a cumulative valuation of around USD 2.26 trillion, which also accounts for 17 percent of Fintechs in the world. The continent has for a long time been a global leader for financial markets. In 2019 for example, the United Kingdom was rated the second-best Fintech destination in the world - with London having the highest Fintech index in the region and other cities such as Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Dublin doing well too.

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With a continent having a high number of some of the biggest economies on the globe and also a digitally conscious population, here is a list of 20 Fintech companies (in no particular order) revolutionizing the finance and technology space in Europe. 


Swedish ‘buy now, pay later’ Fintech, Klarna has a strong global presence with a recent valuation at 10.65 billion Euros.


Revolut is easily one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in Europe. As a UK established digital banking service provider, Revolut has been valued to be worth an estimated 5 billion Euros.

N26 Group

Established in Berlin – Germany in 2013, N26 is a mobile banking platform widely used in Europe with a valuation estimated to be in the range of 3.2 billion Euros. 


Danish financial management solutions provider, Pleo has carved a niche for itself in the region’s Fintech market in terms of specialization. After a Series C funding, it is estimated to be worth 1.5 billion Euros.


Italy’s most widely used mobile payment platform, Satispay is estimated to be worth 248 million Euros, and in 2020 raised a funding round of 93 million Euros successfully.


Paris-based Alan is a digitalized health insurance provider and startup founded in 2016, and estimated to be worth over 800 million Euros after a Series D funding round.


Since securing 230 million Euros in a Series A funding in 2018, UK’s Unicorn – checkout.com is certainly a top 20 European Fintech Company.


German InsurTech, Wefox caters for both insurers and direct consumers on its online marketplace platform. Its estimated value is 1.5 billion Euros.

Lunar Way

Fast growing digital banking app targeted at millennials – Lunar Way is headquartered in Aarhus, Denmark and evaluated to be worth between 160 to240 million Euros after a Series C funding round.

World Remit

Online money transfer platform also popular for remittances – WorldRemit is a Fintech based in London, UK. In 2019, it closed a successful private Series D funding round raising $175 million in the process.


Spanish Neobank startup BNEXT is one of the fastest growing Fintech companies in the country with a niche for e-commerce account and management solutions. After just a Series A funding round, BNEXT  is estimated to be worth 125 million Euros.


After a Series B funding, Austria based Fintech which is focused on cryptocurrency and precious minerals trading is valued at between 189 and 284 million Euros.


Based in the Netherlands, Neobank – Bunq was able to penetrate into thirty European countries without any venture capital funding. A well-deserved worthy mention in the top 20 Fintechs in Europe. Bunq has only participated in a Series A funding and is estimated to be worth between 40 to 60 million Euros.


Tide is one of the fastest growing Fintechs in the UK mainly targeting SME’s. After a Series C funding, it is estimated to be worth 591 million Euros.


With an early venture capital investment into Qapital, the Swedish Fintech which focuses on banking was founded in 2013 and valued between 80 and 120 million Euros.

ANNA Money

Headquartered in Cardiff, ANNA raised $21 million in funding in 2020 alone. The Welsh Neobank currently has a total valuation of $110 million.


Financial management online solutions provider Twisto came through a late Venture Capital funding to be valued between 64 to 96 million Euros. The Czech Republic Fintech was founded in 2013.


Angel seed funded Fintech, Cake offers mouthwatering profit financing and account management services all on one platform. Based in Hasselt, Belgium, the Fintech company is valued at 18 million Euros.


Irish Fintech, Leveris is a contemporary digital banking platform valued at between 60 and 90 million Euros after a seed funding.

OakNorth Bank

OakNorth is obviously one of the darling Fintechs in Europe. It has lent an estimated $4 trillion to British firms alone without any credit default. The Fintech company focuses on its entrepreneurial niche and has a value of 2.1 billion Euros.
These are just a pick list for the top 20 Fintech Companies in Europe looking at each from a country-based valuation, funding, and index or rating perspective. There are many more who will make it should we decide to expand the list, as Europe has traditionally been a global finance hub. With the Fintech sector being the recipient of an estimated 20 percent of all venture capital in Europe, it is clear that the industry is set to shape future economies on the continent.

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